Hi guys! welcome to my blog ‘deespeakable’ meaning that Desewa isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind and share her experiences with others.

Writing has always been a great passion for me, I love to write out whatever is on my mind but posting it has always been a struggle. Anyways! Let me get down to telling you a little about myself and what my blog is going to be about.

My name is Martins Ifeanyichukwu Adesewa Martha ( yes I know issa long name lol). I am 22, i graduated with a BA in linguistics months back and yes! Asides writing I love food, a lot!

So about my blog…..for someone who battled with some serious low self esteem writing became my escape route. Writing became a means for me to express myself and write out opinions that I was scared no one would listen to or read, BUT HEY!!! NOT ANYMORE!! So i am going to be using my blog as a means of airing out my opinions, sharing my experiences, relationships; family, friends and boys of course, my passion, my growing process and about my faith. (Honestly I just love talking lol) So yea that’s what its going to be about. Asides sharing my experiences, passion and opinions with others, I also love listening to the experiences, opinions and testimonies of others. Meaning that I would be sharing that of others who are willing to share theirs with you and I! Yay!! Cool right!

Honestly guys I have no idea how this is going to go down! I’m super nervous but I am really excited to be doing this and I promise to stay consistent as well.

Would be dropping my first official post soon! Thank you guys for taking out time to check this one out! Much love!