December….lately, I have been filled with a whole lot of gratitude. Some things have happened this past few months that have in a way, reminded me of those very important things that we overlook when we get overwhelmed with life’s challenges. Things like the appreciation of life, health, family, friends, genuine love and every other important thing.
I have decided to skip shallow talks and move on to deep talks, real conversations. The type that makes you sit back and be like ‘mehnnnnnn…..this is some deep stuff’, the type that makes you sit back and ask certain questions, questions that help us understand the part we are on, the kind of life we are living. Yea, those type of talks.
Lately I have been thinking; WHO ARE WE REALLY?
For me, I will say ‘clay in the hands of the potter’. Though it seems like the ‘normal’ or ‘cliché’ answer to give but it’s the plain and unprocessed truth! The amazing idea that the potter (God), in His pottery (Heaven) settles down, takes some clay, goes all the firing and moulding to make a vessel. That’s not even the deep part, the ability He has to make the vessel the way he wants it to look, the purpose He wants it to serve is really deep!

For every one of us, the potter has given a purpose, but the truth is that, in our bid to attain certain achievements, we get so carried away that we do not remember or take time to ask ‘what is my purpose really? I know we want to do a lot of things, make money, be comfortable and all, but what really gives a true sense of purpose or fulfilment?
These past few months, two wonderful persons that served and still serve as a form of inspiration to me died. One, I got the privilege to be friends with and the other was from afar. Their names; Tosyn ‘Area mama’ Bucknor and Stanley ‘Paco’ Sa’aka.
Tosyn, who a lot of people would have known as a popular OAP in Nigeria, friends to fellow on air personalities, singers, actors you name it. Sadly she died at the age of 37 due to complications from sickle cell, but Mrs Tosyn lived!
Despite the illness, the struggle, her zeal was never limited. She was an amazing, beautiful on air personality, a singer, an actress, a writer, she had a very large heart. She touched lives in ways that cannot be forgotten. She never let sickle cell get in the way of her living or fulfilling purpose. Wow!
How about Stanley? The one and only Paco! The true definition of love and light or Amour et Lumière as i would love to say it, The guy with the smile that can literally light up an entire building. The true definition of ‘Love thy neighbour as thy self.
It has been about three weeks since he died in an accident which literally broke out hearts and though he was 25, Stanley lived ! he had an angelic voice which he used greatly for God’s work, served in God’s house, a true giver, a man who was unashamed of God. You did not have to be close to him before he lends a helping hand.
Our greatest joy is that he is up there singing along side the angels to the Big daddy up there, resting, being happier than he ever was. An angel lived amongst us, his life is worthy of emulation.
Fam! looking at all these we begin to ask ourselves and check ourselves if we are truly living or we are just alive, just there sha. It is a tough question, but have to constantly ask ourselves.
Psalm 39:4 ‘Show me, O Lord, my end and the measure of my days. Let me know how fleeting my life is’ I intend to start living fully guys, all these things that scare me, by God’s grace i intend to conquer. Though i am taking steps but i intend to be better.
How about you ? Let me know how you intend to start living ? please comment below.

What do you think?

Written by Desewa Martins

Writer. Blogger. Child of God. Foodie. A lover of everything beautiful who is driven by the passion to tell the stories and journey of the human lives through personal experiences.


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