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Hi Fam! Hope July has been really good to you? Well, mine has been great, asides the fact that I got my monthly pay late and I’ve been learning to adjust to the life of a working class. It’s a serious struggle guys! Its so bad that I wake up very early and I still end up getting to work late, I really don’t even know what to do anymore lol.

Asides all that, one of the things I’ve been trying to do to this year is read books. In as much as I love to write, I never like to read. I’m such a non committer when it comes to books, be it romantic, religious, inspirational or whatever it may be about.

I really struggle with reading a book till the end, usually I stop after a few pages or chapters.

So this year, I made a decision to be better and do better. I decided to start reading as much books as I can. At first, it was hard because I had planned to read about three books a month. The first few months were tough, I honestly couldn’t finish a single book a month because in as much as I wanted to, it’s not really something I’m used to doing and work wasn’t really helping me find time.

So I decided to take it easy, not to put so much pressure on myself and read the books one after the other. The challenge so far has been totally worth, believe me. It has made me more disciplined and focused, I’ve read few books that have opened my mind and cleared out certain ignorance.

Though the initial aim was to cultivate a good reading habit, other good and Amazing things have been attached to it. When you read, you not only learn new things and gain more knowledge, you educate yourself. I’m building my vocabulary as well ; since every writer has a style of writing, there’s always a tendency of learning new words. Reading generally has helped me get my mind off certain things when I’m getting to the point of overthinking.

It has been a great way to spend my time asides surfing the net and hanging out with friends.

In my next post, I’m going to be doing a review of one of the books I’m so glad I read. “The Smart Money Woman” by Arese Ugwu.

Alright guys, Thanks for reading!



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