Hello fam, how have you guys been? I know I have been off for a while. I had to take a break and figure certain things out. No worries though….Your girl is back!

As most of you already know, I just concluded my service year last month and the experience so far has been eye opening and priceless. I also got to know that the peer pressure nobody warned us about weren’t just the drinking, smoking and the drugs. It’s the point in your life where you do not want people to think you are not focused or you do not know what you are doing because you do not have certain answers to their questions.

For most people who have served or just concluded their service year, I am sure you got tired of seeing the “so…. What’s next?” questions popping in your chats from people you have not spoken to in months or from friends, family or acquaintances. Though most of the time these questions are totally harmless, but sometimes you can not help but feel pressured lol.

Guys seriously though! It is totally okay to take a break , it is okay to take time and reflect as well as strategize. For every man his or her goals or dreams are different, you might want to start a business or get a job or get a second degree, it is totally fine.

We all do not figure things out the same way, for some it’s days or hours, for others months and for some other people it takes years. Things not turning out the way you want is not a means for us to go into depression or feel the need to have things going for us like other people. WE ALL ARE DIFFERENT.

Las Las… Legit hustle will definitely pay, just do you and never forget humble beginnings. So, when someone asks you what next…it is okay to reply ” oh... I am just taking time to figure things out”. You don’t owe anybody but God the explanation to your life honestly.

For every man, God has a purpose and what ever he has destined for us to be, that is what is going to happen. It might take days or months or years but it is still going to happen. Something called “Ákòsílè”

For everyone who wants to actually do s

omething with their lives, let’s remember that nothing ever grows in our comfort zone. LET US GO OUT AND BE GREAT.



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Written by Desewa Martins

Writer. Blogger. Child of God. Foodie. A lover of everything beautiful who is driven by the passion to tell the stories and journey of the human lives through personal experiences.

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