I do not know about you but one of the things I did sort out for as a corps member serving in Abuja was cheap transportation.

We all know that transportation cost in Abuja can be crazy sometimes and to think that I stay really far away from my place of primary assignment, free transport every day isn’t really realistic.

Don’t get me wrong, whenever I’m on my khaki I have had really great and nice people pay my transport, give me free lifts half way or all the way through to my destination.

So now, let us talk about the days I’m not on my official wear. That’s like 4 days out of 5 working days yea? Well! Marco ‘El-Rufai’ buses come to the rescue, especially when I’m leaving work for home.

For those of you who do not not know what they are, ‘El-Rufai’ buses were commissioned in 2005 by the former Minister of Federal Capital Territory Mallam Nasir El-Rufai. Hence the name “El-Rufai buses”. These buses are currently being managed the Abuja Urban Mass Transport Company.

Over time, a lot has changed about El-Rufai buses.

Besides the fact that they are still very affordable, they have become awkwardly interesting I must say, from meeting conductors with different behaviours and attitudes to commuters from different walks of life, you never enter an El Rufai bus without finding commuters quarreling: sometimes because of space, other times i do not know or understand the reason. All the way down to the mobile marketers; very interesting and convincing set of people, they will literally ‘brain wash’ into buying anything. I remember buying one insecticide that didnt work, i am still looking for the guy that sold it to me lol!

It is a really cool experience even though some days the journey can be unnecessarily long and stressful since they drop commuters at every bus stop.

In my opinion, the buses in Area 1 are well organised and less crowded than the buses at Berger but I guess the one’s you follow depend on where you work or where you are coming from though.

Alright guys! That’s my experience… Do drop yours in the comment section.

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