Hey guys! It has been a while since I have written something about myself….well, here is the latest; I will be rounding my service year in about two weeks. Hmmmm! honestly, I had mixed feelings at first o….. omo…no more monthly allowances, I mean I just like that, something that started just yesterday, and now it is over! I am about to be officially launched into the real world…reality has been there, but it is beginning to set in.


I am excited and grateful though; most importantly for God’s grace and sustenance throughout, for the experiences and lessons learnt, for the challenges, for every other beautiful thing and people I have met in the process of serving Nigeria, I am super grateful for what is to come.National_Youth_Service_Corps_logo
Well as the countdown officially begins, I will be sharing my experiences with you guys. Starting from the transportation expenses, all the way down to saving while serving, my place of primary assignment(PPA), my community development service(CDS), friends I made, plans for after service. As well as interesting conversations with corps members who are preparing for their passing out parade._20190228_104243
So….yup! A lot of exciting stuff is going to be coming up by God’s grace. In your opinion and experience, was it just a “major scam” like most people would say, especially for those who served in places where they would not be retained, or was it a stepping stone to something greater and better? Do let me know what you think.
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