MCM: Oluka Fred Oluka

Hey fam! Happy new week and welcome to another episode of the Man Crush Monday with Deespeakable, our man crush today is no other person than the face behind the Deespeakable logo, occasional fine boy and a young ceo Oluka Fred. IMG-20190210-WA0008.jpgLet us get to know him…

Known officially as Oluka Fred Oluka and unofficially as iZiK Fred, he is a graduate of Chemical Engineering from the University of Port Harcourt, co-ceo of Yelee . He also hails from Port Harcourt and he is the first child (a twin) from a family of six.

IZiK tells us about how he got into the creation of logos and branding…….
“okay, I was into fashion designing prior to branding of which my younger brother is managing. So while I was in the university, I was always criticizing designs and the use of foreigners on designs in Nigeria.
I knew I could do something better…. I just love the aesthetic feel designs gave, so I started downloading tutorials on how to use tools to design. I started with minimalistic designs, logos etc.
I attended online classes, so invariably I learnt on my own.”IMG-20190211-WA0008.jpg
For him, logos and branding are a passion……
“I love it! I really do, It always gives me a sense of satisfaction when an awesome work is completed, when you think about the energy put into it…from the ideation, justification, alignment…the processes are awesome. It is my passion!”IMG-20190211-WA0016IMG-20190211-WA0005IMG-20190211-WA0015
Future plans….
“I started my own design firm with two friends on the 20th of September 2018. I moved to Port Harcourt because I wanted to start from home. We have grown, we want to be a design agency that will be reckoned with in Port Harcourt. When you call for a design agency in PH, Yeele shuld be the first. IMG-20190211-WA0020.jpgIMG-20190211-WA0018IMG-20190211-WA0019Then we will move on to rubbing shoulders with the best in Nigeria”
We hope you love our man crush today guys! You can keep with him on instagram through the following handles @izikfred and @yeleedesigns
Thanks for stopping by, God bless!

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