MCM: Abiodun J Folorunsho

Hey fam! Welcome to MCM with Deespeakable. Today’s feature is Abiodun J Folorunsho the guy with the special smile, he is the CEO of Joegraphicsj. Let’s get to meet him……

About Him……

Abiodun J Folorunsho is a Graphics Designer, photographer, financial analyst, holder of a banking and finance degree from Kogi State.

On the journey so far, he had this to say…..

Becoming a Graphics Designer and a photographer had been my plan years before I got admitted into the university, Graphics and Photography are best friends, Graphics was fun and still is.

Starting up hasn’t been easy but God has been helping, you know camera accessories ain’t cheap, lots of investment, Time, endurance, Patience etc.

On Future plans……

Planned building a media Empire with the best gadgets and also help entrepreneurs & companies identify opportunities through Graphics.

You can check out his work on his instagram account @JoeGraphicsJ

All the best Abbey! Thanks for stopping by fam, God bless!

What do you think?

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