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Hello Deespeakable family! I feel honoured to be sharing this story with you. Regardless of the sad circumstances surrounding this story, it is still one worth sharing!

As we are aware, the year took quite a turn as a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic and as a result, lots of lives were lost. Including the lives of the front-line heroes (Doctors) who left their families at home to save the lives of those who were infected with the virus.

Today, I will be sharing with you the story of a woman, who was not only a front liner but a super mom and grandmother who single handily raised her four kids and created opportunities for them to have a better life.

 A woman who dedicated her life to serving God and others till the very end.

Stay with me on this third episode of Deespeakable’s Dee-Audacious, as I share with you the story of Mrs. Miriam Chinwe Kwentoh; a mother to my very dear friend Joy Kwentoh, who, like every other wonderful mother out there, dedicated her life to being a pillar of support to her children.

About Mrs.Miriam Chinwe Kwentoh…

Miriam Chinwe Kwentoh was born on the 2nd of November 1971 in Onitsha, Anambra State, Nigeria. To Francis Ernest Edozie and Francisca Edozie. Miriam resided in Meriden and graduated from Our Lady of Lourdes Nursing School Ihiala School of Mid-Wifery; Waterside, Onitsha.

Mrs. Kwentoh was employed by Genesis Healthcare, and she was a parishioner of St. Joseph Catholic Church. She was a mother to three daughters and one son. In the year 2002, she and her children moved to the United States of America where she continued working as a nurse till the time of her death.

During my conversation with Joy Kwentoh, I asked what kind of person she would describe her mother as and she had this to say…

“My mom was such a kind-hearted lady, with such a gentle soul. Always lending a helping hand to give to those who needed help. She was such a sweet and strong lady, very welcoming, and always had a burst of joyous laughter.

She was a God-Fearing lady, always happy and fun to be around. She never liked drama at all, always stayed away from trouble. She was a very easy-going lady. Very passionate about what she did, and what her goals were for her children.”

Working tirelessly, taking double shifts day and night was mostly Mrs. Kwentoh’s scheduled in a bid to provide opportunities for her children. Though it was not an easy task, she kept pushing and working hard until she was able to successfully raise three daughters who are in nursing school and a son who is a chef in the works.

Amazing right? According to her daughter, her motivation was her children…

“For me, I felt like it was very hard for her but my mom being the strong lady that she was, she did not want to show that to my siblings and me.

I know when my siblings and I were still little and not working yet she did everything on her own and never complained one bit. Even times I felt like she was bothered and stress and would ask her if she is okay, she would still tell me that she is fine. That was how strong she kept herself for us. Once my siblings and started working, things got better for my mom because we knew it was time. So we start helping her out for all she has done for us since we were little.

My mother’s motivation was her children because she loved to brag about how her three daughters would be nurses like her and her son was going to be a chef. So that kept her working hard to provide for us so that we can go to school and become someone in life. That was her biggest dream for all of us, it would make her feel like she has done her part as a mother. Now, it is our time to go out into the real world and work so we can make her proud.”

Having worked as a nurse for over 30 years of her life, an excerpt from a tribute written about from the people who knew her described her life during her years of service…

“Miriam was a compassionate spirit whose passion was caring for others. Miriam’s life would seem too short to many, but those who were touched by her understood that the quality of existence far exceeds the quantity of time in which one lives. Her gentle soul and golden heart gave us all such courage and hope. It reminded us of the preciousness of life. Miriam was well-loved all over the world. Despite her busy schedule Miriam always made time for everyone; She cared deeply for everyone and always provided support and love.”

Speaking on the lessons Joy Kwentoh learnt from her mother and how to honour her memory, she intends to be strong, reflect on the happy and beautiful memories they shared. She also intends to let the world know the wonderful person her mum was…

“I intend to honour her by looking at all the good times I had with my mother while she lived, all the times we laughed together and played with each other, and my great experience with her.

When I tell people about my mom, I will tell them all the great stuff she has done for me in my life, and what a powerful and charming lady she was. How she is a superhero, who died saving people’s lives because that’s what she loved to do.” Joy Kwentoh said…

“I also learnt to be strong, no matter what I am going through. At least for my children, so that they don’t see me break down. I want them to see me as an undefeatable woman.”

On the 16th of April, in the year 2020, Mrs. Miriam Chinwe Kwentoh passed away at Midstate Hospital in the United States. She was laid to rest on the 14th of October, 2020 at her hometown in Nigeria.

This is my little way of honouring Mrs. Kwentoh and all the mothers out there working hard so their children can have a better life than they had.

May her beautiful soul rest in peace.

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