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#EndSars: A Rebirth!

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Hey, Deespeakable family, how are we doing really? With everything that has happened lately, how are you feeling?

October has indeed taken us all through a roller-coaster of emotions, events, realities, and activities that we will never forget as Nigerians. In these past weeks, I have seen Nigerian youths unite and arise, I have seen the power in unity and love, I have also experienced the painful realities that I will never forget and I believe my generation will never forget either.

Nigerian youths started these protests and prayer walks peacefully across the country and even in the diaspora in a bid to dissolve the Special Anti-robbery Squad of the Nigerian Police force due to their abuse of power which has affected us and those around over the years in ways we cannot explain with mere words.

EndSars hashtags on Instagram

I have watched these protests go from being peaceful to violent due to hijacks, vandalism, and infiltrations. The worse part of this was the incident that happened on the 20th of October 2020; where innocent lives were lost as a result of the protests at the Lekki Tollgate in Lagos.

EndSars hashtags on Instagram

Nigerian Youths who were bearing the national flag and singing the national anthem were killed when all we wanted was to live. I watched videos of people lose their loved ones as victims of this calamity, people lose their sources of livelihood too and dreams get scattered and I know you have seen them too.


I have not been able to sleep; I close my eyes and those horrifying images which are not just imaginations but realities of everything happening in my beloved country hunt me deep down in my heart. I asked God for the way forward; “which way Father? What do we do? How do we pray? what exactly do we pray about? I turned to my friends and I asked “so, Oke, Anthony, and the rest of the youths that have been killed as a result of these protests…does it mean that their deaths are in vain? Should we have kept quiet? Should we have stayed at home? Minded our business as it has been before now?”

Art by Oye

What do we do? A lot of youths are traumatized, heartbroken, weak, and hopeless due to these events. I am discouraged, I want to run away! Do I still believe in Nigeria?

Here are some things I know for sure; we cannot grow weary now, we cannot give up, lives were lost. Properties were lost too; we cannot let the deaths of our brothers and sisters be in vain.

We will work together as youths to build the Nigeria we want; slowly but steadily, we have to start by getting our voters card, unite as we have started, use this same energy to fight for the Nigeria that people died for.

The Nigeria that we all believe in so much that we protested online and on the streets. The Nigeria that we will be proud of, the Nigeria where we can live!

Remember “Nigeria is the Lord’s and the fulness thereof; the states, and they that dwell therein”- Psalms 24:1.

To everyone who joined the protest online, offline, home, and abroad, God bless you all, thank you so much for showing us all how powerful our generation is and all we can achieve if we continue to work together in peace and love like we have started.

May the souls of all the fallen martyrs rest in peace.


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