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Mom, sex is no big deal!

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Hey Fam? What’s good? How is August treating you? I hope you had a great weekend?

I realized that it has been a while since that I did a book review on here so I will be reviewing a book I read during the total lockdown period. The title of the book is “Mom, sex is no big deal!” written by Sharon A. Hersh; an American writer and a counselor.

You know how you read a book and then you are like “where has this book been all my life?” well, Mom, sex is not big deal happens to be one of those books. It was written to help mothers become their daughter’s allies in developing a healthy sexual identity but the truth is, while reading, I realized that the book is not just for mothers and as an aspiring mother who hopes to be mothers someday two beautiful daughters in the future, you cannot give what you do not have. It is important that we start discovering ourselves now so we can successfully guide our daughters through their own path of self-discovery.

My eyes were opened to a lot of things and I was enlightened about some misconception that I have had for a while now. I used to think African (Nigerian) youths were the only ones suffering the repercussions of their parents refusing to educate them about sex, but the fact is that it happens to be a global problem that is affecting youth and teenagers all over the world. most parents, especially women, do not see the need to talk to their daughters about sex. they literally just tell you what you are not supposed to do, they barely explain what sex is to you, why you should wait, why you should be on the safe side, or why you should understand the value of waiting.

Sharon Hersh made use of a lot of parenting tips on how to educate your children about sex depending on the parenting style that you use to raise them, she highlighted the importance of parents discovering themselves so that they can help their children using some scenarios from her clients and counseling sections.

She created a lot of exercises for mothers and daughters at the end of every chapter in this book to help build a bridge between both of them. Now, these exercises can also be personalized for you as an aspiring mother just like I did while I was reading.

Another reason why you should read this book is to understand God’s plan for sex, Sharon did justice in explaining the concept of sex and in u understanding God’s plan for it all in a bid to highlight the importance and beauty of waiting. Something you will need to remind yourself of even as you wait, something you will need in the future to equip and encourage your daughter to wait as well.

For those who are caught up or whose daughters are caught up in abusive and addictive relationships? Help is here because the ways in which you can get out of it and help someone get some come out of such a relationship was also provided in this book, amazing!

It is so relatable because I feel like somehow, we are all discovering ourselves, especially us single people who have decided to wait; it can be exhausting and feel like such a burden sometimes. reading a book like this, getting knowledge like this, helps you get through each day where you feel like throwing in the towel.

Yeah Fam, those are some of the reasons why I enjoyed reading this book and I feel like this book is such a blessing to me, and it can be a blessing to you as well! So next time, when you walk into a bookshop and you come across this book, pick it up, do not think twice!



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