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Let’s Talk About Consistency!

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Hey family, how are we all doing today? I hope you are well and staying safe? I hope you are taking the necessary precautions?

Most importantly, how is July going for you? I hope your plans for this month are working out for you?

Today I want to reflect on the importance of consistency. I am not going to say I am so much of a consistent person; I have a bad habit of starting things that I do not finish. It has been a serious struggle for me but something happened like last month that has brought me to the realization of how important it is to stay consistent to whatever you are doing even if it is something you have a passion for or something that you can easily do with little or no effort.

As most of you know, I have a strong passion for Media in the sense that I love presenting. I have always wanted to become a presenter, that is still my goal and my dream. it has always been my passion since I was in secondary school, I remember telling my dad that I would be a journalist and presenter at CNN lol, that is how much I love presenting!

I had the opportunity to have some experience in presenting during my National Youth Service year at a government-owned radio station known as Voice of Nigeria (VON). There had the opportunity to present news programs and anchor news bulletins. it helped you know, it allowed me to grow and to build on the passion that I had for it already. it was really amazing but sadly, my colleagues and I did not get retained because employments come from the government, not the radio station itself.

You know the Nigerian job struggle after also service, you just want to get any job that can help you settle some bills, especially when the job you desire is not forthcoming.

The jobs I got after service did not have the opportunities from to practice my presenting skills, and since I did not have the platform to practice it, I did not bother to do it or rehearse taking a script during my leisure time to keep myself you know motivated and keep myself in line with my passion.

I just sort of putting it aside with the hope that someday when the job comes, I will be able to pick up from where I left off.

Last month at my current job, my boss gave me a task to create videos for our students. Weekly videos containing an African exploration program and I was allowed to build on the project myself. In the process of building on the project, I felt the video will be great with a voiceover, and I thought to myself that this is an opportunity for me too, I could start practicing and putting my passion to use again! I did the voiceover for the first video and honestly speaking as much as I thought I had it all under control, the first video showed that I have been out of the game for like a while. I kept making mistakes while taking it, though it is normal to make mistakes, it was clear and quite obvious that something was wrong. I could not even balance my pitch. the realization of this made me feel bad and brought me to the realization and importance of consistency.

No matter how much you think I have a passion for something, you have to stay consistent. So yeah, the first video was good but it was not good enough for me. As time went on, the second video, the third video the fourth video, down to the current video I am working on, I realized that I got better with each of them, there was a growth process in each of the videos. You cannot compare the first video to the current video because during this short period of me constantly doing it every week, there has been a huge difference. I am better at it now! I feel like I have gotten my old self back and it makes me feel so good! I understand the idea of consistency better now!

Guys no matter how much you think you know how to do something you need to be consistent, even if it is your passion. There is always room for growth and without consistency, you can never achieve growth.

You are always going to be stuck at the same point, or realize that you cannot get a hold of it as much as thought you could.

Consistency plays a major role in every area of our lives therefore, it is key. we need to stay true to it, though it is not easy. but we need to be disciplined, we need to wake up every day and just do it! whether the resources are partially available or available. Most times we like to wait for everything to be bright and shiny, you know all the “I should have this and that first before doing anything” vibe. before you realized what is happening, you cannot even do it anymore! I was waiting to get a job at the radio station before staying true to my passion, imagine that the first video was an audition at a radio station and I kept doing so many takes, making mistakes, changing my pitch. do you think I will get a job? I do not think so!

I started reading up on consistency and importance of consistency as well. I will be sharing some with you;

Basically, consistency helps you grow! it is an undeniable fact, being consistent at what you do gives room for growth. consistency gives room for creativity. As much as you keep doing one thing over and over again, you will learn different approaches and curves. I also discovered that consistency helps you to be disciplined. consistency requires a lot of discipline; you are building yourself to be disciplined every time you are consistent. another thing that consistency helps you to do, is to be trustworthy and reliable. it helps you to you have to trust yourself with certain things and certain tasks that come your way, it also helps people to trust you. It helps you to get rid of procrastination, major key! procrastination is the thief of time honestly speaking. once you keep procrastinating, before you realize it, you cannot get anything done. getting rid of procrastination is not easy, I feel like it is every person process that can be achieved with some level of consistency.

So that is it for me now, I am working towards being consistent in everything I do right now and I am encouraging you to do the same and I hope you learnt a thing or two from my experience.

Tell me, have you been consistent? if you have, what has consistency taught you over the time? if you have not been consistent, this is an opportunity for you to start. we need to train ourselves to be reliable people, to be strong and committed people to ourselves and others around us.

Feel free to drop your comment in the comment section, I look forward to responding and communicating with you.

Thank you so much for taking time to read, I appreciate you all, have a lovely day!



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