She Is

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She is different…
She knows and she has to keep it on the low…
She is beaten and thrown to the ground that’s where she belongs…
But she is resilient and strong…
She doesn’t stay down for too long…

Hey Fam, it is really hard to see the movie “She Is” without the theme song sinking into your spirit and soul because She Is, is everyone’s story in the different verses of the song! It is a really good movie I got to see recently and I decide to do a review of it and gear you up to go see it if you have not.

This movie right here got me and my girls having different conversations as the story progressed; from life to womanhood, faith, trials, temptations, finding love, and patience.

It tells the story of a young lady named Frances who is in her late 30’s approaching the big 40, she is a beautiful, elegant, talented, and hardworking Christian who served as the leader of the single’s department in church.

While waiting and searching for love amidst her disappointment when the pastor she liked got engaged to someone else, she is slammed with the news that she has Fibroid and she might not be able to have her kids after the surgery is been done  because they can affect her womb.

Now poor Frances has to choose between having a kid out of wedlock, finding a good man to get married to and have kids the right way or go through the surgery with no man, no kid alongside the fact that she may or may not be able to have her kids after the surgery is done.

What to do now Frances?

The news and realization of all these are indeed draining and exhausting for her, still, she decides to do things the right way, find a good man and get married!

Was that easy?

Of course not, she had to kiss different forms of frogs; from a player who goes around impregnating people  to an abusive and pretentious pastor.

Frances can not come and kill herself!

At this point, her tired is tired mehn! She is done! They are no good men out there, or so she thought. She makes up her mind to have a baby through IVF, I mean… going into the theater knowing that you might not be able to have your kids is a lot! Mr. Right can go and sit down somewhere for now!

Her mind is made up, the society and the church might reject her but it is okay, it is not as bad as having no one to go home to.

Just as she gears up to throw in the towel, the unexpected happens. What happened? I am not telling you that, you will have to go and see the movie to find out lol!

When I see a movie, my writer’s instinct immediately kicks in. Writing from a point of relatability, experience, and everyday human life and story is a beautiful thing! I commend and admire Doris Ariole for this beautiful story titled She Is.

She Is, is a story that women can relate to, every fragment of it is someone’s story; finding love, holding on to faith, being different, and doing the right thing in a world where holding on to your beliefs seems like you are doing the most.

I am sure you can relate to some parts of the story!

To every woman out there, you are strong,

You are courageous, you are able.

Sometimes you might be pushed down by life’s troubles,

but you are strong enough to get up and by God’s grace, 

Your heart desires will come to pass.

Over to you fam, have you seen it? What are your thoughts? If you have not, you should!

Feel free to drop your comments in the comment section.



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