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Freshman Year

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Hey Guys, I hope you all are doing okay? Most importantly, I hope you are staying safe and taking precautions?

One of the things I did during the lockdown asides reading and blogging was seeing a lot of movies, I made sure I saw all the latest movies and I went back to see some movies from the ’90s as well lol.

One of the movies that stood out for me was “Freshman Year”. The movie tells the story of CJ, a young Christian, high school graduate who is also a pastor’s son. He leaves home for the first time to go to college; in a bid to find a balance between his faith, his freedom from home, and finding love: gbam! He gets his girlfriend Marcella pregnant!

Despite being confused and scared of this new development and what his parent’s reaction would be, CJ stands up to his faith and manages to convince Marcella to keep the baby.

Oh of course! His parents were furious when they found out, they were disappointed and very upset.

As the story kept unfolding, I was really blown away by his parents’ decision to forgive and support their son. Regardless of how it would make his father look as the senior pastor of their church.

Through the changes that having a baby brought into Cj and Marcella’s very young lives, Marcella had to drop out of school at some point, Cj was dropped from the school’s soccer team because he could not balance studies, working double shifts to provide for their soon to come baby and playing soccer.

Amidst the struggles, they had the full support of their parents, friends, and the church. Yup! The church!

The movie brought me to the realization of how we, even as Christians and beloved children of God make mistakes. Mistakes that we sometimes hide and get over quickly and other times, we cannot help but face the realities of our actions, just like Cj.

Mistakes follow us through the rest of our lives. I also realized how we have failed and forgotten how to make the church a safe haven today.

The support and love that Cj and his family received from the church was a clear reminder of how the church is supposed to be. Scold you, correct you, discipline you, yet brace you in love.

Most of the time, when people make mistakes, judgments, criticism, and hate come directly from the church. From me and you, because we make up the church.

When someone close to us; a sibling, a relation, a church member, or a friend makes mistakes like this, our first human instinct drives us to disappointment, anger, and resentment towards them.

Especially if we expected more from them but at the end of all the anger and disappointment, we should always listen to that still-calm voice in our heads that asks us gently; “what would Jesus do?”

Lately, I have been in situations that have got me feeling angered and questioning a lot of things but that question which seems to be cliché but a true reflection of how we should approach situations keep popping in my head.

If Jesus can forgive those who did not even bother to ask for His forgiveness, why should you not forgive? If He can forgive you, why can you not forgive the next person? If He looks at you, deeply soaked in your sins and iniquities, and professes His love to you, why can you look at that person who made a mistake and love them, regardless?

At the end of the day, grace is what strengthens us, we are no better than those who have fallen. We are all the same in the eyes of God. Beautiful, flawless, and complete! Amazing huh? I know!

We really need to work towards making our families, our friendships, and the church a safe haven again. So we can run back when we fall and not run away!

The movie is a good and interesting watch, you all should check it out!



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