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The New Normal: How do you feel about it?

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Hola mi Familia! It has been a minute; I hope you all are doing well and staying safe? Welcome to another episode of the Social Distancing Chronicles even though I really do not think we should be calling it the Social Distancing Chronicles anymore, since things are beginning to ease up a bit, workers are back to work, churches, and mosques are open. Oh okay, schools are yet to open though! Most importantly, the number of those exposed to the virus has not dropped, it keeps increasing, which is why we should not throw caution to the wind, keep washing your hands, wearing your masks, and avoiding MEN: I mean putting your hands in your mouth, eyes, and nose lol!


How has the new normal been for me? I do not know oh, my body is still doing me one kain one kain. During the three months of the total lock down, I have been working from home, though my job is a remote kind of job, so resuming work and coming every day now with the high cost of transportation is making me feel some kind of way, though the truth is I am really grateful to still have a job to go back to, I just really wished that we strategized in a way that would be convenient for everyone.

I am also upset that drivers are taking advantage of this period to exploit people despite the fact that the cost of fuel is not high, all in the name of COVID 19. Some even load their cars without spacing people and still charge high. It is indeed a greedy and selfish thing to do. We complain about how evil and corrupt the government can be, but let us not forget that corruption starts from the grass root. 

Oh, did I mention that people do not wear facial mask anymore? Most people would argue and say that the numbers are not right, it is being manipulated, the government is deceiving us. Hmm okay, I mean, I hear you. At the same time, I have got a question…will it hurt or cost you anything to at least protect yourself? If you feel the government is not looking out for you, will it not be wise to look out for yourselves? Finkabourit!

It is going to take a while before things go back to being the way they were, even churches can only be open for an hour now; as my friends would say, I cannot wait for church to be church again! Adjusting to this new reality has not been easy but we have got to keep pushing.

Chicken Republic is still up and running, alongside other great food spots…thank God for that!

How has the new normal been for you? I hope you are one of those people that do not wear masks oh?

Feel free to drop your comments and experiences in the comment section below. I look forward to hearing from you!


From my office desk; bye for now!






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