Hey fam, how are you all doing? I hope you are staying safe? I hope your families are okay? I hope you are doing well mentally, emotionally, physically?

I just really hope you are well! I know it is almost two weeks into the month but I still would love to wish you a very wonderful beautiful, fruitful and prosperous month of June.

I know it does not look like it or feel like it for some of you because of the pandemic and everything going on around the world right now but I want to assure you that we could still be great, okay? this year still holds a lot of promises for us by God’s grace we just have to be hopeful.

I know being hopeful is something that seems to be far-fetched, but I believe that we can support each other and motivate each other to keep moving forward.

I have not been able to post anything on my blog for a while because just like you and other people out there, this period of the Coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown has been quite a ride for me.

I have had good days, I have had bad days, I have had days where I am not sure about how I feel, I have had my own fair share of disappointments, setbacks, and things I have not been able to do due to the pandemic. It really did affect me, I even forgot how to do the thing I love to do the most because of how hurt and upset I was, I would come and the blog and not know what to type or how to express how I am feeling.

I have missed being able to just sit down and pour out everything that is on my mind and just share my experiences with you. I am grateful that I summoned the courage to write anyway not knowing how it would go.

I would not lie to not though, God has indeed been faithful to me in different areas of my life especially when it comes to my health as most of you know if you have been following my Social Distancing Chronicles you would know that I have not been able to get the surgery done because of the virus but then, God has been good to me.

I am taking treatments pending when I can get the surgery done again.
I am grateful for the experiences though because one way or the other they shape you; depending on how you want to be shaped by it. I choose to see positivity in this, all things, and this is me also encouraging you not as some unrealistic motivational speaker but as a lady who goes through real stuff as you do too and because I do care about you and I want us to do great together. Also, never underestimate the power of prayers even on the worse days and make use of healthy conversations with good people.

While I try my best to revive my passion for telling stories and writing even in this season, I encourage you to do the same, do not let go of what you love even on the days when you do not feel like it.

So help me catch up! How have you been dealing with this whole situation?

I look forward to hearing from you, feel free to drop your comments in the comment section.



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