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Hey Family, what’s good? Happy New Month to you all, and I hope you are still staying safe o?

I know the government eased the lock-down a bit but abeg be good, take precautions, do not go out if it is not important.

I also understand that most people need to go out and fend for their families; it is my earnest prayer that God keeps us all and delivers us from this pandemic.

I know you are probably wondering where I have been but not to worry, I did not go anywhere. Yes! I am still here! I did not run away from you all, I just wanted to take the back seat for a while and you know, chill…

But I have honestly been thinking a lot about the act Patience (known as ”paciencia” in Spanish) these days, Wikipedia defines it as “the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious”.

The fact that it can be explained in such simple terms and yet it is so difficult to do amazes me, it gets me thinking; can we ever, truly, sincerely, accept or tolerate delay without becoming anxious, angry, or depressed? Now I get why it is a virtue; virtue is also defined as a behavior showing high moral standards.

I have never been a patient person; I am the gbas-gobos, as e dey hot, sharp-sharp, ágídí kind of person. Flip that my mom, Iya Ade herself who I got most of my traits from is the sweetest but one of the most impatient people you will ever meet.

The truth about patience is that it does not just affect a particular area of your life, it affects every area, from your relationship with your own self to your relationship with others, your health, your work, your finances, your relationship with God.

Amidst all; the lock-downs, job delays, promotion delays, financial delays, finding love delay, achieving dreams delays, miracles and expectation from God, the best advice you will get is to be patient, be calm, do not be angry, do not be anxious, just be….calm.

Sounds kind of easy to do right? But we both know it is not. One of the things I have come to realize lately from a very lovely and enlightening book that I read is that we are breath living in the dust (flesh). So in as much as we are breath (Spirit beings) the flesh plays its part; the impatience, the disappointments, the anxiousness that we feel when things are not going as planned when we have applied for jobs, sent out so many CVs without getting responses, prayed so hard from a miracle in our lives and health and still feeling the pains, seeing others attain heights that you have always wanted to attain…it is a lot, and yeah people might not tell you this often but it is okay to feel the way you feel. I think the real question now is…are you going to let that feeling of disappointment win? Are you going to give in to depression? Anger? Or anxiety?

The word of God says: ” by strength shall no man prevail” so even if patience is a virtue, you can not attain that height on your own, you know…that high moral standard can not be achieved by your strength, by you acting all cool and calm.

I believe that patience is an intentional thing that you should practice with lots and lots and lots, lots, lots of help from the Holy Spirit.

Sometimes I look at the situation around me and I just feel so overwhelmed and anxious, I try to hide in a corner and cry it all out but in the midst of pain I try not to let God out of the picture, you know…moments where it looks like you are placing the situation or circumstance over the power of God.

I come to Him as I am, broken, pained, angry, sad…… I tell Him exactly how I am feeling, and I always pray the He helps me, He helps to not pretend that I am strong when I am not but to help me surrender my weakness to Him so that His strength can be made know.

Fam, some days we are super high on patience, other days we wake up praying the nobody tests us so we do not go all volcano on them.

Amidst all, let us always have it at the top of our minds that God is our boat, I remind myself that He is in my boat, so when it looks like the boat wants to capsize and I feel like I am about to drown in my problems like the disciples felt during the storm that night, He is in the boat.

Patience is work in progress even for people with the best character and behaviour, It is a daily work, sometimes I wonder if we can even get to that point of absolute patience but God’s word makes us know that all things are possible through Him. You get that right? Through Him…..

Let us allow Him to help us through the day, on the good days, on the fairly good days, and the bad ones too.

Lord Help me, help us to talk to you freely, trust in you, and chill while sipping zobo and allow you to fight our battles for us and make us better people. Can I get an Amen people?

It is also good to speak out when you sense impatience setting in, it is good to talk to not just anyone who will add to the existing problem but someone who will listen and give good advice and if possible, pray with you.

So fam, let us have conversations about patience, what do you do when you begin to feel impatient or anxious? For me, I cry, pray about it, I try to talk to friends too, and sometimes, I stress eat; Kai! Jumia Foods have suffered in my hands lol.

I want to hear yours, feel free to drop your comments in the comment section below, I look forward to hearing from you.

Mucho Amor❤❤


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