Breathe Fam!

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Hey Family people! Omo dey don extend social distancing by two weeks oh! How do I feel? I really do not know yet. Has adjusting to this “new normal” stay-home thing been easy? Not at all!
It makes you wonder what those who can barely make a living are going through.

Guys, people are going a lot o! I heard there have been serious cases of theft and robbery in Lagos and Ogun States. My brother’s friend told him that in Sango-Ota, the men now stay awake from 9 pm to 4 am just so that they can guard their homes and protect their families…hmmm, people are going through a lot!

Let us consider how many people have been out of jobs due to this pandemic, unemployment and the motive to steal or rob someone.

My friend showed me a video of a taxi driver who stripped naked after his vehicle was seized due to his stay home – stay safe violation. Dude literally went naked; he was complaining about how he and his family are barely getting by due to the pandemic, which is not letting him go out and fend for his family…people are going through a lot mehn!

I really hope that the government is earnestly working towards a relief fund or package for those who are unemployed, out of jobs, and basically everyone who needs help. Truth is we all do, but some are still getting by, unlike others.

They need to do something, I was a little disappointed when the robbery cases were not addressed by the President during His recent speech but as I said, I hope things are being put in place concerning this issue.

I read a post on Instagram about two weeks ago where a guy said if you do not come out of this quarantine with a new skill, a side hustle started or more knowledge idea; you never lacked time, you lacked discipline.

Yeh yeh yeh…okay, inspirational talks are good, they are also motivating but can we just breathe and live? Especially with everything going on right now? Can we just do that? Can we not add more pressure to the pressure pot so it does not explode? Please?

Do not get me wrong, I am not saying, stay in bed, sleep all day, be useless, be unproductive, do not improve or think about your future, I am honestly not trying to say anything of that, but if we are being realistic, even with the fact the guy was not wrong, the percentage of people that are actually equipped with everything they need to start up something or learn a new skill in terms of light, good phone or laptop or data which is like very important is nothing compared to those who are barely getting a portion of food to eat or money to buy basic things for themselves, let us not even talk about learning something or starting a side hustle.

With which money? How and where will they get that from with everything going? How are they able to do anything with themselves?

I am just saying Fam if you come out alive? You are the real MVP! The conversations I have been having with friends and the pressure they seem to be putting on themselves to do stuff, to come out this with something is quite depressing.

I would love everyone including myself (because I get pressured to) and everyone to come out strong, come out with something but what happens when the resources and means are not available? You get depressed? Coupled with everything going on?

No now! Let us just take it easy, okay? Some people are losing their minds being at home all day, not being able to earn and do stuff. Peace of mind is a major thing right now, trust in God and being hopeful is very key.

Be grateful! Even as sad and angry as you may seem right? just remember that some people have no place to sleep, no food to eat, no data to browse, people are losing sleep just to protect their families, nothing to keep the mind and body together. So to me? We are doing well! We are!

Meanwhile, you could use this opportunity to read, keep practicing what you already know how to do; learn new curves, make amendments to those plans you wrote; weighing them due to uncertainties like this, be hopeful! Make plans if you did not have any. Just take it easy okay?

So, on a lighter note, I am thinking about doing something fun for us all during this period. I really want to know you guys are doing during this period.

I want to know how you have been holding up; meaning that I would be featuring people’s stay home experiences here on the Deespeakable Blog. Cool yea? I think so too lol.

You can send your stories/experiences to my email

I look forward to hearing from you!

Meanwhile, take care, love you all and I am genuinely praying for each and every one of you!

Your Favourite Stay-Home Hype-Girl,


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