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My Love Story❤❤❤❤

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After so many heartbreaks and disappointment, I heard about this person…a guy.

They say He is good looking, rich, kind, compassionate, loving, faithful, elegant and classy.

You know those kinda guys that are up to their yea? Well, this one is up-there, up-there!

All that a girl can ever ask for in this life of sin, lol. What surprised me the most was when I heard them say He loves me…

“Ahhh!” I thought to myself; what would someone of such class want with someone like me? “Barrack girl like me?”

After much consideration and thought, I said to myself; why not have a date with this man and see what He is about… after all; there is no harm in trying right?

Fine! I will meet him then.

Apparently, since he is up there, I cannot afford to compete or try to meet His standards so I will just be myself las las.

At that time, I did not even have money to make my hair so I braided my hair all back.

I couldn’t even afford to take Him to a fancy restaurant so I decided that He will have to come to my house o!

The day came, I was super busy with activities and hustle but he patiently waited apparently outside, he took the day off to meet with me.

I got less busy at night so, all right then, let’s have this conversation!

I sat on my couch, proceeded to invite Him over and surprisingly, He came into my “normal” house and He sat down on my “normal” couch.

We exchanged pleasantries and I thought to myself “He is humble o!”

As the conversation began, I had to ask… I mean, I was curious; how do you even love someone who does not know who you are. I mean…who does that?

He smiled and said, “But I do”.

“That’s so weird” I replied.

You do not even know anything about me.

You do not know my story!

Tell me, why are you so concern about me?

You know I have a kinda messed up life right?

I have low self-esteem, short-temper, a loose tongue, an unforgiving heart…

I could literally slap somebody into next year for the smallest issue.

There was even a time I stole.

There was also a time I…..

“Let me guess”…he interrupted; “a time you cheated someone who really trusted you”.

How do you even know that? I replied…super shocked!

I know everything about you, I told you before.

Then I was like “Umm, so somehow you know all these things and you still love me?”

You have got to be kidding me! I exclaimed.

“Well, I do love you…so so much!” He replied again.

“So much that you would suffer humiliation, take up accusations that aren’t yours, be flogged? I mean, those cuts were deep, like super deep, it must have hurt a whole lot and you still took all that for me?”

“Knowing where I come from? What I have done? What I am currently struggling with?”


“Why would you even do that?”

“Because I love you”. He

“Yea I get it…but am I worthy of that love?

Can I handle it?

What I make mistakes again?

What if I fall?

Would you still love me then?”

“Yes sure, why not? My grace is enough for you, my strength is made perfect in your weakness” He responded, stretching out His hands to mine.

As I stretched out mine to connect with His, He asked me:
“Ever wondered why I gave my life for you despite your weaknesses?”
Ever wondered why I said, “It is finished?”

“Yea…I often wonder” I replied. “I mean, I heard and read that you said that…but I sure wanted to know why?”
“I did that so that you will know that I’ve got your …always! You do not have to carry your burdens alone”…

“You do not have to figure life out alone. I made a decision to carry those pain and burden for you.”

“Let me be the shoulder you lean on. Let me in, let me help, give me a chance to show you what love is”…he replied again.

I got weak fam… I mean, what depth of love is this? He would give up His life for me.

To cut my story short…that was the beginning of my beautiful love story. One where I do not need to pretend or act as if I have it all together. One where He always has my back…where Jesus always has my back and as I continued in the relationship, I realized that we all and I mean you reading this can also experience this kind of perfect relationship.

All you have to do is genuinely let Him in and allow His love to fill you today!

Thank you, Lord, for being kind enough to give me Jesus.❤❤❤❤

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