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Hey, Family! How have you all been? Since we are still in February, I guess It is okay to say Happy love Month! Valentine’s Day was a few days ago, I hope you did not let yourself get depressed and pressured by everything going on? Most especially on social media? I just thought I should remind you that you are loved, valued, appreciated, important and cherished.

One day in a year is not enough to let you know that or feel that way. That is why I am telling you today, on the 17th of February, on a Monday and on a day where everyone has calmed down from Valentine’s day drama.

So! You know how I am always in your faces asking questions, dropping thoughts and sharing opinions yea? Well, I am glad to announce to you that I am back again.

Honestly, I have come to realize that there are no set-out rules for setting out goals and self-development.

Conversions with different people have shown that every individual has a method of staying consistent, disciplined and determined. More like how different people go about saving money in different ways; while some have a different account for that, others will rather invest their savings in some business or something that yields more profit.

However, one thing that is common with goal setting and achievements is the need to write down your goals list or to-do list; as most of us already know, the to-do list is one big step towards achieving your goals. It not only shows that you are being intentional about your goals and it serves as feedback to see how well you are doing and how hard you are working towards achieving them.

While it is great that we have a to-do list, we would also acknowledge that fact somewhere in our heads and minds we also have a list of things we do not want to do. Somehow, we do not think it is important that we write them down as well, I mean, truthfully, they are not as important as the list of things we should be doing and things we intend to do.

Question is, have you ever thought about the fact that the things you ignore, I will call it your ‘not-to-do list’ is the major reason why you cannot achieve your to-do list? Like how your excessive spending habit (not-to-do list) is the reason why you can not save any money (To-do list)? How spending too much time on your phone prevents you from finishing that book you started two years ago? You see how it works for hand in hand right?

One way or the other, as much as our to-do list keeps us in check, our not-to-do list also does the same. It keeps us in check, gives us reasons why we should not do certain things and how those things affect our perfectly planned To-do list.

Well, I have drawn up my Not to-do list and I am looking forward to seeing how it helps me achieve my to-do list.

What do you think about not-to-do lists? Is it something you would want to try out?
Do let me know in the comment section. Have a beautiful and fruitful Monday!



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