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Sometimes, It Gets Crazy!

by admin

Hey, fam! This is officially the first Tales Of A Baby Geh in 2020 and I am excited! I hope you are as well? How has your January been so far?

January seems to be pretty this year but we all would agree that a lot has been happening at home and around the world, from viruses whose sources are quite unknown to losing a basketball legend and his 13year old alongside 7 people, 2 women being sentenced to death by hanging for murdering their husbands.

Phewwwww! It is indeed a lot! I mean, these are the ones that are in the open. How about the individual and family struggles and losses that people go through every day?

It just makes you understand how crazy life gets sometimes it, the need to appreciate the gift of life daily, to be intentional and purpose-driven.  Not everyone has the opportunity or privilege to be where you are or experience you are experiencing no matter little or complicated it appears to be. We just have to put up the spirit and attitude of gratitude all day, every day.

I have been AWOL on here myself because I have been going my own little thing and  I did not want to talk about but it at first, but now that I think about it, there is no harm in opening up and sharing your struggles with people, you never how much support you need or who you might be inspiring.

Well, I have been dealing with Nasal Polyps for about 7 years now, just in case you maybe be wondering “what Nasal polyps?” chill, I will tell you.

 Nasal polyps are growths in the nasal passages that result from chronic inflammation which are associated with asthma, infections, allergies, and sometimes immune disorders.

I have been operated on once and had two reoccurrences in which one was treated with medications and the current one is booked for surgery. Living with Nasal Polyps is indeed a struggle!  Struggling with breathing, the allergies, not to mention the headaches and having to explain to people why you are always having a cold at odd weather and why your nose is swollen.

Though I was scheduled for surgery earlier this week, it was postponed due to some reasons. The week and few days before the surgery was not easy, I was laughing outside and freaking out on the inside, I was super nervous cos I hate surgeries, I do!

I sort of repressed myself and took a step back from writing, blogging to being sober and angry because of the discomfort I have to go through.  Then I began to think about the fact I promised myself and encouraged others to be intentional this year. Intentional regardless of the ups and downs, regardless of the change in place and anything that might pose itself as a stumbling block.

The thought of that made me see hope, hope that it is not always going to be like this. Then I think of queens like Precious Gaza, a sickle cell warrior who is living her dreams, inspiring and educating people, building a brand for herself and sharing her story despite having to be in and out of the hospital. I said to myself “if she can, so can!”. Umm so can we all! We have just got to be hopeful, strong and passionate enough about what we claim to love and allow God to do the rest.

I am strongly trusting and believing God for my healing and restoration. I am also trusting Him for the grace to believe in Him and myself so  I can slash all the set-out goals for the year and more.

Let us trust God together, Okur?

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Olusina January 31, 2020 - 12:18 pm

This is awesome.i trust you will pull through..I wish you all the best .you’re a warrior don’t stop inspiring us

Desewa Martins February 3, 2020 - 12:16 pm

Thank you my favorite Bearded Doctor.


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