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Real Talks: Na The Talk!

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Hello Deespeakable Fam! How have y’all been? Great, I hope?
Though this post has been a long time coming, I am glad to announce to you that Deespeakable Real Talks became a Real Talk a month ago.

One of the major goals for Deespeakable this year is to “Work The Talk”; meaning that we would not just talk and ponder on issues but take steps towards making a change.

I decided to partner with my church, Redeemed Christian Church Of God to organize a Career and Skill Acquisition Talks for Teenagers; a session where teenagers are being enlightened on the importance of carefully choosing a Career path and building upon a skill that can serve as a form of income to them while they are in school.

By God’s Grace, I had friends and people who decided to key into the idea and visions of #RealTalks in terms of support and sponsorships.

Planning and organizing were not easy at all, from getting a date to publicity and getting the speakers to be present at the event. It almost seemed like it was never going to happen lol! (More lists later)

At the end of the strives, disappointments and lessons learnt, Our first #RealTalks Episode was an amazing success!

We were able to pass the knowledge and information to the Teenagers, we got them to talk and ask questions and concerns that they had. As well as passions and talent that they will love to build upon.

It was really interesting, I am most grateful to God for taking control of everything; from the planning to the execution.

I am also sending out lots of love to every single sponsor and The Real Talks Family for coming through and Killing it!

Real Talks na the Talk true true!????????????

Do check out the pictures from the event in the photo book post and follow us on Instagram @The_ RealTalks.

Lots of Love&Light from me to you,


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