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Balancing The Equation

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I have got to ask, does everyone else feel like we should all get some sort of proper briefing and lecture before we enter into full adulthood (if there’s anything like that)?
Honestly, I feel like we are poured into this thing!

Hey Deespeakable Fam, it has indeed been a minute. Though a lot had been happening in terms of work and events, I really have not posted anything because it has not been easy balancing work and my own passion.

Sometimes I start a post and I do not get the chance or time to finish it up or post it. I decided to break the struggle by making sure I create this post and go through with it.

You always hear people say “your salary is what they pay you so you forget your dreams”, umm I kinda beg to differ. Whether your dreams come to pass or not? I feel it all depends on you. My friend once said, “if you love something, you will make time for it”. Finding a Balance is the real issue here!

Stuck in between creating time for both is where the struggle lies. Over the past one month, I have been doing content creating for brands as an actual job and my personal writing and blog has sort of been on hold because I really do not know how to balance it.

Though it’s easy to say you could just quit your job instead of joggling both, I do strongly believe that they are levels to this. If your passion or personal hustle has not really started paying off, is it wise to quit your job? Then if you do not quit your job, can your side hustle really blow up into something that legit pays you?
Do you see? I am as confused as you are right now lol!

In between waking up early to beat traffic, getting your job done, closing work, struggling to get a vehicle, getting stuck in traffic and getting home late. Where do you find the time for your passion and dreams?
Don’t say weekends Biko, because then you have laundry and chores on Saturdays, Church and proper rest on Sundays lol!

Let me know your thoughts guys! Help a sister!

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