Chapter 24

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Happy New Month Fam! Guess who turned 24 last week? Me! I want to use this medium to appreciate everyone who reached out to pray and wish me well. God bless you, I sincerely appreciate all the love and support. Higher is the way we will all keep going by God’s grace.

So while I was communicating with God prior to my birthday, I was singing this song by E-Daniels titled Invitation. There is this part that says “Yesterday’s gone, today I am in need of Your Awesome Presence, Dear Lord..” While singing, Something came to mind and I switched it to “23’s gone, 24 I am in need of Your Awesome Presence, Dear Lord…”

as we pray to God for growth, growth in wisdom and understanding

It is indeed amazing that as we older, the need for God’s presence in our life becomes stronger. As we age, as we take further forms, as the traits and characters we inherited from our parents; good or bad begins to be more glaring, as we make certain decisions that could shape the rest of our lives, as we decide whether we want to be better than our mistakes or be defined by them, as we decide to be better than the environment we grew up or be defined by it. There is a need to be connected to the one who has the ability to make everything perfect, God and God alone.

It is funny how growing older does not mean you figuring things or live out. Can we ever figure everything out? I mean, who are we really?

Even as we pray to God for growth, growth in wisdom and understanding is also a necessity. A person supposes get sense; It is the wisdom given to us through the Grace of God that enables us to keep the right friends, pick the right job, be the right person for the right person we are looking for. It is this same wisdom that enables us to make the right decision in every decision we will have to make in the different phases of our lives, shey you get?

So daily, I pray for the principle thing “wisdom” and in all, I am getting, I pray to get understanding as well.

What do you pray for?

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