How Do You Deal?

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Hey fam, it has been a minute but your girl is back and I am glad to announce to you that I ate shawarma today! One of my favourite things!

So I read a book last year and there was the part where the Pastor said a member of his church was talking to him and complaining about the challenges he was facing and his anger with the fact that challenges even have to happen in the first place. In as much as the Pastor could totally relate and feel his pain, he had to be like “bruh I totally get it, but if you do not have challenges anymore, that means you no are no longer alive”. That is so true, in as much as it sucks and it is annoying that challenges happen and most times it is good people that are entangled in it, it is a part of life.

My question now is how do you deal? Mind you, we do not have the ability to tackle our challenges by our own might and understanding, I mean that is why there is a God who has asked us to cast all our cares upon Him because He is the real G, you feel me? My concern is how do we handle ourselves before and while we pray and hold on to faith?

Most times we feel so overwhelmed with the challenges that we do not even remember what prayer or our faith is, especially when it looks like it is not going to end any time soon.

For me, I really do not handle down moments well…at all… I get really get overwhelmed, I cry, anxiety kicks in, I panic and sometimes I freak out, I lash out, I take it out on the wrong people. For someone who loves food, I barely eat or talk much. It really does get to me.

I already get so detached and sad before I try to pray and talk to people about it.

One thing I have learned for sure is that it takes God’s grace and His word to keep it together when it looks like everything is falling apart.

My question is while you wait and pray, how do you handle your down moments especially since it sometimes leads to depression these days?

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