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Hey, Deespeakable fam! I hope you are having a fruitful Tuesday. So today, I have decided to share a very beautiful piece written by a friend of mine. Even though this was written during our service year, I am still very much in love with it and I feel the need to share it. It is titled Jane; Read up……..

While growing up NYSC was an anticipated scheme for me, I wanted to know what it would feel like to be in the uniform and most importantly how through my community service I will be able to add something to my community. To avoid any setback on this dream of mine I did all I could to excel in the university so I can serve immediately.
A few weeks before camp I was heartbroken because I came out of a relationship with this great guy as a result of some factors thus, I went into my long-anticipated camp with a sad heart.
The first few days for me were horrible because I was alone, couldn’t mingle, nothing made sense to me, even when I tried to be happy it simply faded away like a mirage.
I met Jane in the kitchen during dinner. She is a delight to behold, she is an incredible plus-sized lady, huge, a true definition of melanin popping with eyelashes as beautiful as Huda beauty detachable lashes, her eloquence made everyone listen to her. I have seen plus-sized ladies but she was different, there was something about her, she was a breath of fresh air. She looked so happy it made me wonder why I couldn’t be after all I had always wanted to do this. As I stared at her standing at akimbo and totally oblivious of my environment, I didn’t realize she was walking towards me. “Smally! Smally!!” I came back into consciousness. I chuckled and responded ” I’m Olivia not smally”, “I can just wrap you and no one will see you,” she said to me and we busted into laughter. For the first time since I came into camp, I had a genuine laugh. She made my night.
Jane made everyone around her happy but she wasn’t, she was going through a lot, from heartbreak to lack of money to survive in camp, to body-shaping, it was a handful.

Being the life of the party was just her defense mechanism and a way to tell the world that she was ok. She helped me heal and I needed to do the same for her.
Fast forward to Miss Bold and Beautiful pageant, Jane was fit to represent her Platoon but she didn’t because she felt she was shapeless and no pretty dress would suit her, no matter what I said to her she didn’t give in.
I couldn’t help Jane the way she helped me because I didn’t know how my words didn’t sink in. It may not work on Jane but it just may have an effect on another.
“Whether you are plus size or skinny so what? People will always have something to say no irrespective of how you are, what you look like physically has nothing to do with who you are on the inside. Do YOU, love YOU no matter how crazy it may seem and when people call you crazy be sure to sure them what crazy means, the will learn to accept you because you have accepted you”
Okeke Chiamaka Olivia


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