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Hello fam! I hope you enjoyed your Easter break? Well, mine was filled with activities…i bless God and I am glad to be back to work.
Do you know those moments when you reflect and you realize that you have known some people for so many years? Like when you were still bathing outside and cooking with sand? Well, those moments shows the how priceless gift of having real ones around you. Some of which are now family to you and not just friends.
My best friend’s sister got married over the weekend and it was a beautiful and emotional experience. She is more like a big sister to me as well, seems like yesterday when she will braid my hair and her sister’s hair during the weekend in preparation for school the next week, when she will advise us to focus on our books and leave boys alone. I also remember her giving me my first real set of clothes during my first year in the university and now fast forward to her wedding day, a new journey that leads to forever land.

The wedding went well, she looked really beautiful. Turns out her husband is a choir master and she is a chorister, you know how that story goes lol. I also got to be a bride’s maid after a very looooonnnnnngggg time! Chai! It felt really good.

I wish them all the best and the grace to go through this journey till the end. God’s provision and direction, beautiful and God-fearing Children alongside every other beautiful thing that comes with marrying the love of your life.
Alright fam, catch ya later! Bride’s maid Desewa ….signing out……..

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emahwriter May 7, 2019 - 3:37 pm

You look so beautiful. The bride is beautiful. Everyone is beautiful. I’m glad you had fun.

desewamartins May 23, 2019 - 7:39 am

Thank you hun❤❤


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