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Why most Relationships Do Not Work Out(2)

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Hey guys! Welcome to part two of Why most relationships do not work out with Deespeakable. Today I am going to be sharing the rest of the opinions gotten as promised, I also get to share mine as well.
Let’s get to the opinions gotten:

  • Dunga says ” not being able to love yourself has been one of the failures in relationships. You would let yourself be in a bad place if you haven’t learnt to love yourself before committing to Someone else. Secondly, if both of you do not have an understanding…you have to feel like you are talking to another version of you, you’ve to be in sync with your partner in thoughts about life, goals and aspirations. You have the slightest of understandings. Find a common ground, else it will never work.”
  • Rolex says “I have come to discover that I love you is not enough when it comes to relationships. Effective communication, trust and respect for each others differences and opinions are very important.”
  • John says “the idea of people not loving themselves entirely is kinda common, the environment you grew up in, the kinda parents you have…. Some people didn’t receive or have much love from either their parents, siblings or relatives. Some grew up with single parents who might have been really mean and didn’t want them or foster homes too. They don’t understand the concept of love or the idea of loving themselves so they can’t give it to someone else, it doesn’t work that way. Some of them actually go relationships to learn about it, they don’t understand or know what they want. They go about it the wrong way.. Then issues arise and the relationships collapse.”

Hmmmm… Different views and opinions, truthfully there is no one way to this thing, it can be as a result of different factors as one person stated in the previous post. For me I think the basic things to consider are first of all….your state of mind, there are certain things or satisfaction that should be expecting to get from people, only God’s love can truly satisfy Especially when it has to do with growing up without being loved. If it’s a case where you actually want to be in a relationship with someone because you love them, then certain questions need to asked, are you ready to be in a committed relationship? Are you ready to accept the flaws, insecurities and imperfections that might come with your partner?
Once in Sunday school we were taught about the reasons for relationships and courtships, some of the very important points is to know the person better, understanding the person, reaching some sort of comprise. It’s okay to know all the angles at which we might be getting this whole love and relationship thing wrong but are we ready to be patient enough with our partner, are we ready to take time to understand our partners? Or are we with them cause we feel a need to satisfy a certain hunger? Are we ready to build and work with this young men and women in order to reach a forever goal? I guess we are the only ones that can answer that for ourselves.
Most importantly the GOD FACTOR. Even with all our imperfections and flaws…Do you or your partner love God or have a relationship with him? I don’t see how a person who doesn’t love the Giver love is able to give love to you. You can not give what you do not have….Corinthians 13:4-8
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