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MCM: Ajidahun Olusina Micheal

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Hey fam, Happy new and blessed week! How is the anticipation for the electorial results going? while we wait, I would us to meet our man crush for this week…..The Bearded Doctor Sina…IMG-20190224-WA0003
About Sina…..
Ajidadun Olusina Micheal is a Medical Doctor who graduated from the University of Ibadan, He is also an indigene of Ondo state. As much as Sina is a doctor, he loves to write, as well as write songs, cook, watch CGI movies, make new friends, visit tourist centers and listen to music.
About His job, he had this to say………IMG-20190224-WA0002
“I love my job being a Doctor, it is a call to save lives….i am movre of a listener, I like to listen and share a part of my heart with my patients. I am pretty emotional, I am the writer of the Chronicles of the Bearded Ibadan House Officer; a satire where I write about true life experiences and challenges of being a Doctor…it is a hilarious journal”
The Bearded Doctor also goes beyond the hospital walls to take part in medical outreaches……IMG-20190224-WA0006
“I love charity works, I have been involved in various health services to people. I have also worked with international organizations, some of which I am Directors for in Nigeria”._20190225_110215
He is not just a Doctor….He is an all round social guy……
“I have gotten endorsement deals from a few companies being their brand ambassadors. Recently, I have also found love in social media where I answer health related questions. I hope to join politics someday so I can help change the health sector and make things better”.IMG-20190224-WA0007
For future plans……..(uncle is single and searching)……
“I am single am searching….my future plans will be to be happily married with five children (if my wife allows though, because I love kids), own my private, joint and family investment, I hope to be a philanthropist that donates and helps the community at large”
Alright guys! That’s it….you can keep up with our Doctor on instagram @The_bearded_doctor_sina
Have a great week fam!

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