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WCW: Faith Chikaodi Daniel

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Hello fam, welcome to this week’s episode of the women crush Wednesday. Today’s feature is someone who is really special to me, her name is Faith Daniel. let us get to know her……


About Faith……
Faith Chikaodi Daniel is a graduate of Industrial Chemistry from Enugu state university of science and technology, she has a great passion for culinary and she is also the CEO of One9jakitchen.


Food according to Faith, is a lot more than just satisfying hunger…..it is a means of interaction that spreads across cultures……..


“one9jakitchen was set up so that Nigerians can interact through the food of different cultures and create an ambiance in just on sitting.


She further expresses her love for her job……



“Being an entrepreneur can be so demanding and challenging but what keeps me going is the fact that I get to put smiles and satisfaction through the power of making irresistible tasty meals. I love my job….my job gives me pleasure and satisfaction”.too


Future plans……..


“one9jakitchen will be established in the 36 states in Nigeria. Also, we plan to have one9jakitchen in at least 12 international countries. I will open a culinary school both at home and abroad, locally and internationally. we will go global.”

That’s it fam! you can keep up with one9ja kitchen on Instagram @one9jakitchen.

thank you!

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