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WCW: Cynthia Adaeze Ogbodo

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Hey guys! Welcome to another episode of the woman crush wednesday. Today, we will be getting to know Cynthia, the face behind Xindie’s Artistry.IMG-20190213-WA0021

About Cynthia….

Cynthia Ogbodo is a 24 year old graduate of Diplomatic History from the university of Abuja. According to her, she is a friendly soul but Still private, and when she makes friends…..it’s for life.IMG-20190213-WA0029

On how she developed the passion for makeup…
“Growing up, i’ve always been an artistic person. I draw, paint, sculpture, sew bead and neat…I literally learn any thing that involves using my hands.As an artistic person, choosing makeup as a business was an easy choice for me”

Future plans…

“Yes, i DO love it! My future plans are to improve more in my skill, and own a makeup studio by this year’s end and in my nearest future, i hope to expand my business and own a beauty empire”.

Here are some of her works:IMG-20190213-WA0027IMG-20190213-WA0033IMG-20190213-WA0023IMG-20190213-WA0028.jpgIMG-20190213-WA0037.jpgkeep up with Cynthia on Instagram @xindies_artistry

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