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Hey fam! I know I am a little late to this but “HAPPY NEW YEAR IN ARREARS!”. 2019 is the year people! The year you cannot help but be grateful for, a year you cannot help but appreciate and value, a year filled with various opportunities, a fresh start, 352 days to still get it right by God’s grace.
2019 is the year to put in all the work, less talk, no excuses, no complaints, no hesitation. The type of work that you stay true to, you remain consistent to.
2019 is also the year of working with wisdom, the type of wisdom that helps you work strategically and earn good results. The type of wisdom that helps you spend wisely, you take bold steps, date wisely and talk with wisdom.
So guys! In the spirit of wisdom, deep talks, hard work and consistency. Deespeakable is adding some light and spice this year. I will be introducing three new segments;
* MAN CRUSH MONDAYS: here, I will be introducing you to young, hardworking and smart men. The ones who think outside the box and are ready to make a difference.
* WOMAN CRUSH WEDNESDAYS: the Wednesday segment where we will be getting to know queens. Young women who have refused to be ordinary and have decided to put in work, take bold steps and make a difference.
A very important segment where we dare to ask ourselves some serious and deep questions about every aspect of life. We have got to know more about certain things and their importance.
We will still be having our normal gists and talks. 2019 is going to be exciting guys. Don’t forget to comment, like and follow.
Thank you and God bless!
love, Desewa.

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emahwriter January 14, 2019 - 11:31 am

Very interesting line up. I can’t wait. Good job Dee


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