Hi Fam, Its been a month! How’s April been treating you? Truthfully and Honestly I feel like a stranger here lol.

Being a grown up is tough guys! Trying to balance the life of being a graduate and the reality that actually hits you, learning a handwork, alongside trying your best to acheive your dreams. It is not an easy thing to do and most times when you can’t find a balance, you end up having a fall out!

I probably haven’t said this before, but my my WordPress account is actually two years old. It took about a year and half to summon the courage to actually post something. I thought that was the only challenge I was going to face while blogging, though it was actually  the greatest challenge I am glad I overcame but they are other ones such as consistency, and having the adequate tools or materials to blog like; a laptop and a good camera.

For someone like me whose blog is basically about sharing my experiences and journey towards achieving my dreams, I would love to take pictures of what I’ve been up to and post them on my blog. Sadly, sometime last year my laptop got stolen and I don’t even have a camera lol.

I’ve literally been blogging with my phone all these while, and to make matters worse, my phone doesn’t even have a good camera.

Blogging with your mobile phone is like the most stressful thing to do. Blogging on it’s own takes a lot of work, having limited resources just makes you frustrated and then you want to give up on the whole thing. Most times because of the extra work I have to put in, after having a long and stressful day, I’d rather go to bed and have a good nights rest than deal with the stress of having to type and edit everything on my mobile phone lol.

All these difficulties just made me quite frustrated and I decided to withdraw and take a break from blogging. Mostly because my blog wasn’t as rich and efficient and fun as I would want it to be, which actually makes me sad.

Well, I am back now! Not because I have the adequate tools (a laptop and a camera) to blog now but because I’m not going to let challenges discourage me and stop me from doing what I love.

Though overcoming challenges is easier said than done the truth of the matter is, I’ve learnt to trust the process and journey this whole situation is taking me through. I trust God to get me to the point where I’ll look back at where I started and be forever grateful that I didn’t give up because of the way I am feeling or what I am facing right now.

Nathan Chen said “Never give up. There are always tough times, regardless of what you do in anything in life. Be able to push through those times and maintain your ultimate goal” so I chose to hold on to this quote! Another quote says “giving up on your goal because of one set back is like, is like smashing all three tires of your car when one gets flat”.

To everyone who reached out to me and asked why I haven’t been posting anything lately, I’m truly grateful and I appreciate it!

I have two posts coming up really soon, I’ll also be going for my Service year (National youth service corps) and I’m really excited to share every bit of that journey on my blog.

Thanks for the love and support!


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Honestly, its really not easy balancing work or even school work with blogging..Weldone

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Thank you!


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