Hi guys! I am here to share a testimony! So you know how you listen to the radio and you hear stories about 419 guys (fraudsters) posing as drivers and passengers in vehicles looking for who to defraud? Well guess what? I recently got into one of their vehicles.

  So it was on a Friday, I was running late for my tailoring classes. So basically I was just looking for the next available vehicle so I can get to my destination. It was tough at first because most of the vehicles were filled up, then a vehicle finally stopped. It had only two passengers; a lady in front and a man at the back. I was like Thank God! Finally!

  I got into this vehicle thinking it was a normal vehicle with passengers who just wanted to get to work and that the driver will definitely pick up other passengers along the way. We hadn’t even gone far when the man said he had gotten to his destination and had a luggage at the trunk.

 Immediately the driver got upset and said ” why didn’t you tell my you were the owner of the bag?  Well, I already dropped it off!” In my head, I am like ” why would you drop off a luggage without asking who the owner is? While I was still trying to understand what was going on, the lady decides to intervene and told the driver that what he did was wrong.

  The driver starts explaining to the lady how he pick the man up from a road called Kaduna road and the bag was filled with money and that he wants to take the man to the police for investigation. Immediately I got a wrong vibe and knew I had to get down from that vehicle, how did you know there was money inside someone’s luggage?

  The man starts begging and explaining how he worked for his boss for six years and his boss finally decided to settle him with the money. Immediately I asked the driver what the hell was going on. In this modern age and time who gives you a bag filled with money instead of wiring the money into their account or handing them a check? Jeez!

   I said I wanted to get down, then driver and the lady starts scolding me saying they are trying to resolve an issue and I’m asking what’s going on. I held on to the handle of the door and repeated the fact that I wanted to get down. The driver yelled at me saying “if you want to get down then get down!”. With my heart literally in my mouth I quickly got down from the vehicle and immediately they zoomed off!

 The man who claimed he had gotten to his destination never came down, the driver who was pretending to be a good citizen with the intention of handing the man over to the police drove off with the same man. They claimed to be trying to resolve an issue yet they drove off?

 I stood there and I was shaking, i was just in the same vehicle with some criminals? My heart was beating so fast, I had to take a minute before getting into another vehicle. Different thoughts were running through my mind. What if they had refused to let me get down? What if they had pushed me out of the vehicle? I was freaking out.

  I reached out to a few people and told them what had happened. That was when I discovered that asides those stories I listen to on the radio, it had happened to some people that I know, most times with the same story line and other times with different ones.

  Those people are evil! All they need you to do is just to show interest in the money aspect, then they start to manipulate you. They try to tell you about how they can actually split the money instead of going to the police. Once you agree, they might drive you to an unknown location or try to extort you by telling you to bring money to pay a pastor to pray for the money before splitting it. They also have other means of trying to get money from you.

   It just hit me personally that we are in such a cold world! Those guys can literally get you if you’re not careful, they are good actors! Wow… We all need to be very careful especially those in Abuja, because its becoming a thing over here.

 At the end I Thank God for being faithful! Though I was so scared because I had never been in that kind of situation in my life, I don’t know how I summoned the courage to demanded that they let me out. The devil can only try so hard but then, but we are hidden in Christ and Christ in God! 100%

  This also points out to the fact that you shouldn’t be greedy, cos greed can make you fall for such a thing. Then again, is it your money? Also, try and be informed, listen to the news on the radio or TV station. Not every time movie!

 I really hope this helps someone.



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Nicholas February 21, 2018 - 7:39 am

God of wonders!.. His mercies knows no bound. I’m happy and salute your courage for alighting from the devourer’s carriage, your ability to resist the urge to share in the metaphysical plunder, and above all, I celebrate and give glory to God for your unharmed state. Thank God! Thank you for letting the world know of this evil schemes. May God continue to protect us all…Amen.

desewamartins February 21, 2018 - 9:00 am

Thank you!


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